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Polivinil Plastic,

POLİVİNİL PLASTİK A.Ş., founded in 1975, is specialized in the production of SOFT and RIGID PVC COMPOUNDS for all different type of applications including cables, hoses, transparent bottles, food packaging, window profiles etc. From 1995 on, POLİVİNİL PLASTİK started representing globally well-known suppliers, the main supplier being GALATA CHEMİCALS GmbH (formerly CIBA GEIGY). This is how our company initiated the marketing and sales of various PVC ADDITIVES in Turkey. Sales are either in form of Proforma invoices when serving our large capacity customers, or they are conducted out of our own stocks in our Istanbul storage. Sales from our storage are designed perfectly for a swift delivery of shipments in small quantities.


Galata Chemicals: Galata is the market leader in Vinyl Additives production with facilities in Germany (Lampertheim) and USA (Taft). Galata’s products are as follows: Tin (Sn) based stabilizers Octyl Tin Mercaptides (Mark 17 MOK); Octyl Tin Carboxilate (Mark T 682); Methyl Tin Mercaptides (Mark 1984 E , Mark 2908 ve Mark 1910); Calcium/Zinc (Ca/Zn) based stabilizers (Mark CZ-11, Mark CZ 180) Barium/Zinc (Ba/Zn) based stabilizers (Mark BZ 865 H), HEAT STABILIZERS, Epoxy Soy Oil (ESBO), DRAPEX 39 and DRAPEX 392; Internal and External Lubricants Marklube 280. All of the products possess valid documents for FOOD CONTACT APPROVAL that are compliant with German and USA authorities. Also, all products can produce TRANSPARANT RESULTS in both rigid and transparant applications.


ARKEMA: We always make sure to keep in our stocks Arkema’s products; they are our supplier from France with facilities in Holland. Main products offered are MBS based IMPACT MODIFIERS (Clearstrength C140,C320,C303) and PROCESSING AIDS (Plastistrenght 550, P559, P770, P566). All these high performing products are very suitable for rigid/transparant applications.


Mexichem Specialty Compounds (formerly ALPHAGARY): Our company has traditionally been providing PVC compounds to the cable sector and had been advising those companies for many years. In recent years, there has been a new trend in Europe and in the United States. HALOGEN FREE FLAME RETARDANT (HFFR) was a new technology and started gaining in popularity. Polivinil Plastik has identified this trend and took leadership in introducing this special product to the cable sector. This was possible through our partnership with ALPHAGARY (new name is MEXICHEM Specialty Compounds) as we have started to introduce their products since 1998. MEGOLON trademarked ALPHAGARY's HALOGEN FREE, FLAME RETARDANT (LOW SMOKE) (HFFR) product is used in applications that have a different OXYGEN INDEX. The mechanic values in addition to HM-2 and HM-4 are suitable in particular for LTS 1, 2, 3, 4 category cable production. For our large capacity customers, we conduct our sales on proforma basis. Again, for small quantity customers, we always make sure to keep sufficient stocks in our storage. HFFR (Halojen Free Flame Retardant) is a special compound that does not contain any halogen or any chlore. It belongs to the polymer group such as poliethilen(PE), polipropilen (PP) ve etilen vinil asetat (EVA). It also contains flame retardants in its composition.
Since 2011, MEXICHEM Specialty Compounds is a sister company of Mexichem and is specialized in flame retardant PVC, Low Smoke Zero Halogen, Termoplastics, Elastomer ve products that belong to olefen group. Through the merger with Mexichem, the product pallette of AlphaGary increased to more variaties than previously: Megolon®, Garaflex®, Smokeguard®, Evoprene®, Garathane®, Alphaseal®, Micraflo®.


Other Suppliers in the Plastics Additives Sector: POLİVİNİL PLASTİK also provides its customers with internal and external lubricants which are crucial in PVC production process. For Lubricants, Antibloking ve Antistatic agents are supplied through EMERY's LOXIOL trademarked product.
Finally, the category of UV ABSORBERS ve ANTIOXYDANTS, another key component in the production process, are sourced from BASF (formerly Ciba Geigy) with trademarks called TINUVIN and IRGANOX. POLİVİNİL PLASTİK keeps stocks of these products in its storage at all times.

POLİVİNİL PLASTİK does not hesitate to help all institutions involved in PVC Compounds, especially supports companies with formulas regardless if they are preparing themselves to enter the market as producer company or if they already have experience in their own areas of specialization.

Important Product Explanations

Clearstrength® MBS Impact Modifiers
Clearstrength® MBS impact modifiers are intended for clear packaging applications and offer an ideal balance between clarity and crease-whitening resistance, while imparting excellent impact and oil resistance for PVC applications. Opaque Clearstrength® impact modifiers provide superior impact resistance at both ambient and low temperatures.
Plastistrength® Acrylic Processing Aids
Plastistrength® processing aids help the processing of PVC by promoting fusion, improving melt strength, eliminating surface defects and decreasing plate out. They also enhance formulation metal release properties in extrusion and calendering applications while offering improved cost performance versus traditional lubricant packages.
Bilhassa şeffaf tatbikatlarda sert ve yumuşak PVC'nin özelliklerinin güneş ışınlarından ve hava şartlarından etkilenmesini önlemek için kullanılan bir malzemedir.
IRGANOX 1010 - 1076
IRGANOX 1010, PVC ve tüm plastiklerin zaman içinde yaşlanmadan ileri gelen sorunlardan korunmaları için kullanılan kimyasal katkılardır. IRGANOX 1076, PVC ve tüm plastiklerin zaman içinde yaşlanmadan ileri gelen sorunlardan korunmaları için kullanılan kimyasal katkılardır.
Bu ürün nihai ürünün görünümünü daha iyileştirmek için kullanılır. Daha ışıltılı beyaz ürün elde etmek sarı rengi daha canlandırmak ve renkli eşyaları daha parlak göstermek için plastik malzeme üretiminde talep edilen, bu konudaki çözümlere yardımcı olabilen bir kimyasaldır.


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