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Clearstrength MBS Impact Modifiers®

Clearstrength® MBS impact modifiers are intended for clear packaging applications and offer an ideal balance between clarity and crease-whitening resistance, while imparting excellent impact and oil resistance for PVC applications. Opaque Clearstrength® impact modifiers provide superior impact resistance at both ambient and low temperatures. Our new MBS Clearstrength® XT100 offers the possibility to bring impact performances in high performance composites and structural adhesives markets.


Clearstrength® 140 MBS impact modifier

Clearstrength® 140 MBS impact modifier is a high clarity and non crease whitening MBS product used in film and sheet. This includes applications such as credit cards, pharmaceutical films, or thermoforming.


Clearstrength® 320 MBS impact modifier

Clearstrength® 320 MBS impact modifier is a general purpose modifier for transparent PVC films, sheets, and bottles. The high transparency found in Clearstrength® 140 is combined nearly three times higher impact performance, making Clearstrength® 320 the best choice for many more demanding low crease-whitening applications.


Clearstrength® 303H MBS impact modifier

Clearstrength® 303H MBS impact modifier is designed for use in clear packaging or films where quick fusion, added impact strength, or blue fluorescence is desirable. Further, Clearstrength 303H MBS modifier offers uniform color hold and low gel level.


Clearstrength® 350 MBS impact modifier

Clearstrength® 350 MBS impact modifier offers low temperature impact performance to applications in calendared or extruded film and sheet. Clearstrength® 350 MBS modifier is typically used in PVC formulations for food or pharmaceutical packaging. Dedicated information on regulatory status is available upon request.


Clearstrength® 223 MBS impact modifier

Clearstrength® 223 MBS impact modifier is recommended for injection molded and opaque sheet or profile PVC applications where weatherability is not a concern. Typically Clearstrength® 223 is used for C-PVC pipe and fittings.


Clearstrength® 859 MBS impact modifier

Clearstrength® 859 MBS impact modifier is designed for use in opaque pipe and fitting or technical films that require the highest impact performance. Clearstrength® 859 modifier offers the highest impact strength of any product in the Clearstrength® product line.


Clearstrength® W300 impact modifier

Clearstrength® W300 acrylic impact modifier offers impact performance to transparent PVC resins without impairing clarity. The unique weatherability and impact strength of Clearstrength® W300 modifier has made it a specialty selection for outdoor applications, such as corrugated sheets, sign boards and building materials for many years.


Clearstrength® XT100 MBS impact modifier

Clearstrength® XT100 is a MMA-butadiene-styrene (MBS) core-shell impact modifier designed to meet the most demanding technical requirements of thermoset applications such as structural adhesives and high performance composites.


Durastrength® acrylic impact modifiers

Arkema's acrylic-based impact modifiers are designed to deliver optimum cost and performance in rigid and flexible PVC applications for siding, fence, deck, rail, pipe and injection molding applications.


Durastrength® 365s

Durastrength® 365s acrylic impact modifier is a new generation composite acrylic core-shell material that imparts superior impact properties to outdoor vinyl applications. Durastrength® 365s impact modifier provides higher impact strength and wider processing window than Durastrength® 365, leading to unmatched cost/performance balance on the market. Durastrength® 365s impact modifier is particularly valuable in mixed metal stabilized applications and where double-V notch Charpy impact and/or falling weight impact resistances are required.


Durastrength® 200

Durastrength® 200 acrylic impact modifier offers superior impact properties, ease of processing, and nearly flawless surface finish to rigid vinyl compounds. The unique chemistry of Durastrength® 200 acrylic impact modifier has made it a leading impact modifier in weatherable building products for over 25 years. In addition, low melt viscosity and rapid fusion make Durastrength® 200 acrylic impact modifier ideal as a general purpose modifier.


  • Clear film
  • Clear packaging
  • Fence, deck and rail
  • Fence, deck and rail extrusion
  • Film
  • Foam Sheet / Cellular PVC
  • Opaque film
  • Opaque packaging
  • Opaque sheet film
  • Weatherable molding
  • Window profile extrusion
  • Wood composite molding


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