TPU - Termoplastik Poliüretan

Anasayfa/ TPU - Termoplastik Poliüretan

Mirathane® TPU for Tubes and Pipes

Mirathane® offers Ether/Ester/PCDL based TPU, Flame Retardant and Antistatic TPU widely used for variety of hose, tubes, pipes and profile applications.

  • • Excellent Quality Consistency

    • Excellent Transparency and Low Gel Content

    • Low and High Temperature Resistance

    • Hydrolytic Resistance

    • Oil and Chemical Resistance

    • High Tensile Strength

    • Abrasion Resistance

    • Kink Resistance and Puncture Resistance

    • High Burst Pressure Resistance


Mirathane® TPSiU

Mirathane® TPSiU is an innovation material, consisting of Thermoplastic Polyurethane and Silicon with complex micro phases. It combines the benefits of TPU and Silicon, such as elasticity and resilience, abrasion resistance, coloring, silky hand feeling, which is excellent suitable for skin contacted products especially for electronic devices.

  • • Silky Hand Feeling

    • Abrasion Resistance

    • High Tensile and Tear Strength

    • Good Colorability and Printability

    • Low/High Temperature Resistance

    • Anti-dust and Easy Cleaned

    • Excellent Demolding Properties

    • Low Smell and Environmental


Mirathane® TPU for Wire and Cable

Mirathane® offers a broad selection of polyether/polyester, non-halogen/halogen, matte/shinning, clear/opaque TPU for cable and wire applications.

  • • Excellent Mechanical Properties

    • Low/High Temperature Resistance

    • Oil and Chemical Resistance

    • Abrasion Resistance

    • Weather Resistance

    • UL 94 and VW-1 Certified


Mirathane® Engineering TPU(U-Plast)

Mirathane® offers Engineering TPU(U-Plast), which combine the advantage of polyurethane elastomer and engineering plastic, and widely used in automotive, engineering, electronics, sports and recreation industry.

  • • Excellent High/Low Temperature Resistance

    • Oil/Chemical Resistance

    • Good Transparency

    • Outstanding Mechanical Properties

    • Good Dimensional Stability

    • High Impact Strength


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